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Unveiling Olidia®: A Revolutionary Collagen Stimulator

Unveiling Olidia®: A Revolutionary Collagen Stimulator

In the realm of aesthetic medicine, the quest for safe and effective dermal fillers continues, and Olidia® emerges as a pioneering solution. As a durable and secure collagen stimulator, Olidia® represents a significant stride in the field of facial volume restoration.

Understanding Olidia®: The Essence of Collagen Stimulation

Olidia® distinguishes itself as an injectable dermal filler crafted from poly L-lactic acid (PLLA). This innovative filler aims to address lost facial volume by inducing collagenesis, a crucial aspect of skin rejuvenation. PLLA, the primary component of Olidia®, has a proven track record spanning over two decades in medical applications, notably in dissolvable sutures. The synthetic nature of Olidia® eliminates the need for allergy testing before undergoing the procedure, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for patients.

Decoding PLLA: Poly-L-Lactic Acid as a Catalyst for Collagen Production

Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) serves as a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer integral to Olidia®'s formulation. The PLLA particles play a pivotal role in stimulating fibroblasts, prompting the production of collagen. This newly formed collagen, in turn, generates volume, contributing to a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Post-administration, PLLA undergoes absorption and degradation, eventually transforming into CO2 through respiration. As the most enduring dermal filler among FDA-approved biodegradable products, PLLA showcases remarkable longevity, with approximately 80% of respondents reporting results lasting up to 24 months.

Olidia® in Detail: Composition, Treatment Areas, and Purpose

  • Contents: 365 mg x 1 vial (5 ml)
  • Treatment Area: Wrinkles and folds on the face
  • Purpose of Use: Olidia® is indicated for use in adults without contraindications, serving as a single treatment for correcting both shallow and deep defects, including nasolabial furrows and other expression lines.

Guidelines for Usage:

  • Olidia® treatment involves a linear technique.
  • Shelf life: 36 months from the production date.
  • Treatment regimen: 3 treatments at intervals of 1 month.
  • Storage: Maintain Olidia® at room temperature below 30°C.

Professional Use Only: A Declaration of Expertise

Olidia® is designated for professional use only. By choosing to purchase, practitioners declare their status as doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine. This commitment to professionalism underscores Olidia®'s dedication to ensuring optimal outcomes in the hands of skilled and qualified professionals.

In the dynamic landscape of aesthetic enhancements, Olidia® stands as a testament to scientific innovation, offering a reliable and enduring solution for facial rejuvenation. As a collagen stimulator, Olidia® invites practitioners to redefine possibilities in the pursuit of timeless beauty.


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