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 They say beauty is in the heart but 80% of the time we are more focused on the outer look because let’s face facts you can’t wear your heart on your sleeves. The face is a major selling point for any person regardless of gender. Age and stress they say comes with fine lines, wrinkles and folds which is a key cause of insecurity in both men and women. 

Say goodbye to all your insecurities and let BELLAST revive your confidence. Bellast filler is one of the best dermal fillers which is FDA approved worldwide used to fill facial wrinkles and folds. It equally creates the perfect facial contours and gives the skin a glowing and healthy shine. The best part about this product is that no surgery is required, it is absolutely pain free. Our ballast filler prices are very encouraging as well.


Bellast is made up of sterile pyrogen free gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid which has a non animal origin. Bellast comes in a series which are; Bellast L (mid), Bellast soft L (Soft) and Bellast plus (hard). Bellast soft L contains lidocaine which makes the procedure completely pain free. So,be brave, be bold, drink water, keep fit, stay healthy and trust Bellast filler for your lips and face. For bellast filler review, check out our website.



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